Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pride of Baltimore II

Big A and Z Man had the pleasure of touring the Pride of Baltimore ship in the Baltimore Harbor with other homeschoolers. Before the war of 1812, the British had seized many US ships leaving the US Navy with only 17 seaworthy ships. To make up for the lack of ships, the US commissioned a large number of privateers. The Pride of Baltimore is a privateer ship that fought along side of the US Navy against the British. Their compensation for taking over British ships was the gold and other valuables on the ship. An important fact that Z Man remembers is that the ships needs a narrow tip to make it fast. He also told me about the simple machines they use to pull up the anchor. Big A also added that to hold cargo the bottom of the ship has to be wide, because speed is important they could not build a heavy cargo ship. There were three teachers who rotated three groups of children around the ship. One of the teachers had an especially fun part where they played tug a war game to represent the pulleys.

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