Thursday, May 3, 2012

Arabic & Green Reading

I wish I could tell you that I can read Arabic or that I was just even a little bit proficient. However, 4 out of my 5 children know more Arabic than I do. Lil A will probably pass me up next year when she begins Quran classes. Most of my children can read Arabic, they just don't know the vocabulary and that is where Rosetta Stone comes in. We have Rosetta Stone Arabic Level 1 and my goal is for my Beloveds to start to understand what they are learning in Quran. They attend Quran school 4 days a week, 2 hours a day and we are very happy with the program. But with most programs, they key is learning to read Arabic and memorize surahs, not in understanding the Arabic language. The problem with doing the Rosetta Stone is that because I don't understand, I can't really tell how much they have learned. After one of them completes Level 1, I can give you an update of how well the program worked out.

All of my children learned how to read at different ages and are reading at different levels. Some learned how to read at age 9 others at age 3, others at age 5. A wise women said, Reading is like Potty training, it doesn't matter what age they learn how to pee in the pot, by age 9 you wouldn't know which child learned first, they are all peeing in the pot. The same with reading by age 11, you wouldn't know which child learned how to read early, most are reading at the same proficiency. So with Z Man, I take these words to heart as he is a late reader. Not quite 8, he is struggling to read and as with many boys he is above grade level in Math. There are many people including some of the best European schools who don't believe in formal schooling to age 7. Not quite planned, Z Man was a subject of this model. He wanted to play, he did well playing and he is driven in play. He, by far is my most creative child and it all comes out of play. I did not want him to be forced out of it, so I let him play until 7. Now that he is 7, we started more structured learning and reading is where he struggles. We went through both the Pink and Blue Levels in Montessori Reading, and are currently working on the Green Level. The interesting thing about Z Man is he is doing quite well in Arabic reading, in fact before he started Arabic, I noticed that he would read from Right to Left. I wonder if that is the natural way to learn to read, the Arabic way!

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  1. MashaAllah I was thinking of purchasing Rosetta stone in Arabic, would love to hear your feedback on it


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