Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Solar System

To understand My place in the Universe, we need to understand our planet Earth's place in the Solar System.  I created a board that could be used over and over again like most Montessori Materials. Just with black poster board and white yarn we had our solar system rings. It can easily be stored behind our bookshelves with the other posters.

I purchased the small glow in the dark planets from a science museum, however, Big Lots had the big planets for $10. I also used black clay to stick the planets on the poster board so they would not roll away. I made some labels to add the vocabulary to the project. The rotation and the location of the planets should now be concrete.

The Sun and Labels are free to download here.

Then we took our sun and small planets and lined them up with a bigger sun and big planets. This is a great project for a Pre K, not only to see distance from the sun, but to practice matching like items.

We have many books on the Solar System in our home library as well as visual aids.

We extended the project by painting the Solar System on a paper roll from IKEA.

Lil A and I then added flames to our sun and laid it down with our months that are a Free Download. Placing the months around the sun, with the planet earth rotating around it, allows a visual of how a year is formed.

Everything I make is completely free to use. I also accept and appreciate constructive criticism, if you find a flaw, please be gentle and let me know. ♥ If you get any good from it, give praise to our Creator and make du'as (prayers) for my family. . . and if you find any mistakes, pray for my forgiveness.

 Download the Free Printable
Solar System Cards
Calendar Months

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  1. I love your solar system model, and those planet marbles are SO cool!

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!


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