Thursday, March 22, 2012

Math Alive! at the Smithsonian

We had another planned fieldtrip with the Sankofa Group, this time led by a blogger at: Chocolate Covered Boy Joy. We also did the Brain Awareness field trip with Sankofa. I really enjoy the vibe of the group so far and spending time with them reminds me of my father, Baba Jamibu. My father passed away almost 12 years ago. He lived and worked at BET in Washington DC and the surrounding Maryland areas. He had a deep love for African people and was concern about the problems afflicting our community. He wrote many poems, I am attempting to add them to a blog: Baba Jamibu. So these two times that I ventured out with Sankofa, I can't help thinking "I wish Baba Jamibu were here". 

Humble Dad was working in a Federal Building this week, so we dropped him off with some time to spare before Math Alive! opens at 10am. So what did we do with the 2 hours to spare: visit King, Roosevelt, & Lincoln of course!

Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

I was born in DC, so this city holds a special place in my heart and nothing is more beautiful than the cherry blossoms at the beginning of Spring.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

President Abraham Lincoln

S Man insisted that he stand on the steps that Rev. Martin Luther King
gave his "I Have Dream"Speech. He imitated the body posture and speech.
We finally headed over to Math Alive! where we were able to visit with another Muslim Homeschool family that we had not seen since we moved here. Many members of the Sankofa group were there and the children enjoyed a game of tag before we entered the building. Then once we were down in the building, we were amazed at how much fit in the room. It was like an arcade for the Math Nerd! However, we were cool Math loving people and we walked in real cool then commenced to having a good time.
The exhibition is designed to help answer the age old question: 
"Will I ever use all this math they're teaching us?"

One of the websites shared by Math Alive! is which was also a sponsor. The site does have math games, but more importantly it has information like Scholarships and other STEM programs.

Does your arm span equal your height?

Big A accomplished this task very quickly!

A picture of a child created by a shadow of numbers

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