Friday, March 16, 2012

Brain Awareness

We took learning about brains to a whole new level with actually touching and holding a real brain. Some of you may remember our brain work featured here:  B is for Brain .This introduction that I provided them was great and had my children fully prepared for this day. Brain Awareness week was located at Forest Glen Naval Base in Washington DC. The Museum that they are building was not open to public yet, so we were in a small auditorium where they had about 6 booths. There was a booth with a human fetus that was split down the middle and this is when Big A informed me that she definitely does not want to be a medical doctor. Another girl in our Sankofa group told the scientist "I don't think it is right for you to have this" Out of the mouths of babes, I agree that scientist should be sensitive and cautious about what they do in the name of science. However, I enjoyed this booth because the scientist did impress on the children how important it is to watch what you put into your body. The fetus was to show an example of what alcohol or any other substance does to an unborn baby. She said that anyone who is having sex unprotected should not be drinking alcohol because the alcohol will still be in the mother's system and can harm the development of the baby's brain and nervous system. She also warned against the doctors who say that 1 glass of wine during pregnancy is ok. As a Muslim, most of us do not consume alcohol period, not in vanilla extract, cough syrup, or in mouth wash. Even the so-called harmless alcohol can affect child (adult health) development and it would be very wise to avoid it.

There was one scientist that tried to convey how sensitive we should be with the brain. He talked to us about how the brain that once was in a human being should be respected. He went on to talk about all the things that the brain once did, how it controlled the breathing of the person, how it once loved, and how it appreciated good music and beautiful art. I am not sure if Z man got that, holding the brain was all fun and was almost a sport.

The last booth we visited picked a couple of children to perform a skit and then put makeup on all the children who wanted it. This was not normal face painting, they were getting made up to look like they had scrapes, cuts and bruises, of course Z man was right in the action. Big A was one of the children who performed in the skit and she played guess what: a medical doctor. Maybe God was telling her something?

This was a free program like most things in DC are, including Zoo & Smithsonian. We were grateful to just to experience this for free, however the icing on the cake was our brain helmets that they gave each child so they could ride their bikes and protect their brains!


  1. MashAllah! Good activities for kids! Where was this?

    1. It really was an amazing free event in Washington DC, they have it every year.


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