Friday, February 24, 2012

An Explanation

I wanted to write this blog post for a long time, I just didn't know how. It's not the actual post that I feared, but returning to blogging. I love blogging and I love sharing what we do, however, I started to become overwhelmed by the many projects that I wanted to complete without the time or energy to complete them. Especially, as quickly as I would like.

So why do I have little time or energy?

1) We have moved from Tennessee to Maryland. We arrived here at the end of January and I have yet to finish unpack. Not only that, I have yet to finish unpacking our homeschool stuff, in fact, it is the unpacking and organizing of the homeschool stuff that is causing me the biggest headache. So my children are back on workbooks and the debilitating stress of them not retaining a single thing has given me some motivation to bring our Montessori/Kinesthetic learning environment back. However, because I have homeschool stuff that is also debilitating, I feel like I am on a seesaw trying to not let my toes touch the stress turf. Despite, this major life change being time consuming and stressful, there has been many positives. God is the Greatest. We found a wonderful rental blindly, meaning yes we moved into a home we did not view first. And we love it, it's perfect for us. We have a homeschool co-op that we attend on Mondays which is a prayer answered. We've met some great people, we are in an active community, and we are just happy to be here in Maryland.

2)I am not a wimp, I have delivered all my children drug free. I have had two planned unassisted births in the comfort of my home and one unplanned nearly unassisted birth in the hospital. My labors were fairly quick and my labor pains were quite bearable, almost pain-free. So when I tell you that I have had some pain that makes childbirth feel like a mudbath, you can assume that I am serious. I won't discuss my sickness, but I will say that I have been on antibiotics for about 3 months. Both the antibiotics and the sickness wipes out my energy, so I may be one day on and one day in bed which of course adds to why I have so little time. Despite that, again there is a silver lining, we have purchased a VitaMix and we are in the process of changing our diets. My new smoothies and non-processed food lifestyle has given me more energy.

So what does this mean for NoorJanan Blog?

Well, I will be cutting down, but I wont cut out. I enjoy taking pictures of what my blessings do and sharing them. I just wont be creating as many new materials and I am not going to work on multiple projects at a time. Right now, I have about 5 unfinished projects that include Children of the World, ABC of the Quran, History Cards, and a couple more. I want to finish them one at a time, however, I need to get organized to do it. I hope that you will accept this explanation. I thank you for your prayers and concerns, it's nice to know that you have been missed and that you touched another's life. May God bless you.

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  1. It's nice to have you back, but remember that life always comes first...and if it is awhile before you are able to share again, it is o.k. You will get settled. Moves are always more than the physical moving—there is so much adjustment, newness and upheaval to usual rhythms. Well wishes to your health and to your family adjusting to your new home, friends, and neighborhood. -heather

  2. I missed you and am glad to see you're back online. You and your family are most important, though, so we all understand that you need to prioritize. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers ... wishing you many blessings and renewed health. Deb @


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