Friday, February 24, 2012

An American Castle

If anything could be compared to a castle in America, I guess Biltmore would be it. If there is any place to feel like a princess, both Lil A and I got our fill there.
I am not sure if it was the Biltmore or Humble Dad that made me feel like a princess that day :)

Princess Lil A.

Big A in front of the Biltmore with S Man in the background walking towards it.

On our move from Tennessee to Maryland, we decided to visit Asheville, NC and I am so glad we did. Asheville is so much more than just the Biltmore, the scenery is gorgeous, the new age hippie vibe is wonderful. We ate at an awesome vegetarian restaurant, Laughing Seed Cafe that would make meat lovers drool. The only regret that I had is that we had not made the visit to Asheville sooner.

Laughing Seed Cafe

Every City should have an Organic shopping and not just produce.

Reminded me of the Ox Cart we made.

Just walking the streets of Asheville is so much FUN!
Asheville alone would have been worth the trip, however we purchased a great deal for the Biltmore, even better than the deal they currently have: Kids are Free and adult tickets are $35.
There are no pictures allowed in the Biltmore or
inside this beautiful Tiffany exhibit.

After leaving North Carolina, we made a few stops in Virginia also, like the Woodrow Wilson Library and birthplace.

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