Monday, November 28, 2011

B is for Brain

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Our brain is such an important part of our human body, I pray that I did it justice with trying to convey this to my Beloveds. When you have a great brain scientists like Dr. Benjamin Carson for inspiration, it is hard to not get excited about learning about this fascinating organ.
Dr. Benjamin Carson
First neurosurgeon to separate
conjoined twins.

Our local science museum has a nice interactive body exhibit with a huge brain in the middle that shows videos about the function of the brains.

I used file folders and felt to create a brain function puzzle. The colors of each part of the brain were chosen based on the available paper and felt in my home. I did not purchase anything new for this activity. A paper brain and labels is the control card. It can be flipped open to check the child's work. I glued felt to the background so that brain would not slide off and I made felt pockets for the cards. The cards are available free for download. I also share a website at the end where you can download a free paper brain puzzle.

For Lil A we worked on vocabulary and matching the parts of the brain.
A good way to start is to have your child match felt
pieces to the control card.

Lil A did an awesome job of reconstructing the brain.

Z Man and S Man constructed the brain from memory.

Z Man is working it out.

Many ways to use the card

Everyone worked on the brain hats.

More Brain Activities

The plan is to complete the body as we work through
ABC of the Quran, i.e  we will put on her heart
when we do H is for heart.

We also visited Vanderbilt University Brain Exhibit

They happened to have a nice model train exhibit.

They also had a wonderful local art exhibit.

My favorite painting.

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Noor Janan's Links:
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Brain hat we used
Ellen Mc Henry's brain hat
Crafty Classroom's brain puzzle.
First Human Body Book
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

We are the Ship

"We are the Ship" by Kadir Nelson was another gem I picked up from the library, this time in audio form.

Why Montessori?

Living Montessori Now, shared two very practical videos in support of Montessori Education. One of the videos asked Why Montessori, which got me thinking about why I Montessori? Will Montessori Education produce the Leaders for the future?

Montessori emphasis on understanding World Geography may also be a great benefit after the release of this youtube video . Montessori incorporates this understanding of Cultural Geography in all aspects of education from Art, Globe study, Morning Circle, Continent Boxes, and even in learning how to write with the Geometry Shape Trays.

If you skipped to 45:00 in the above video she talks about the "most wonderful buildings covered with the most elaborate designs" of "the Islamic people" She also states "You can get them (children) appreciative of other countries, by showing the art of other countries."

The Green Crescent in the Montessori Grammar box
may have been influenced by the another Crescent in the Pakistan flag.

A good friend said "Montessori appeals to the Fitra" or purest state of our soul. This may be true and could be what attracts me. I do want my children to have a beautiful and enlightened soul, hence the name Noor Janan Homeschool.

"Maria Montessori pursued her educational work with a spiritual consciousness verging on mysticism."
Maria Montessori was a devout Roman Catholic, however, she spent 7 years in Muslim/Hindu India/Pakistan during World War 2 where she writes about hearing the adhan call the Muslims to prayer. Some scholars believed this had a profound affect on her writings as she began to talk about the child's soul.
Maria Montessori in a Sari in the 1920's
"Nevertheless, Montessori’s faith was not merely sectarian—it was a transcendental, mystical spirituality, and as such it touched upon core religious teachings at the root of nearly all world traditions."

Susan Stephenson
It was also in India where she developed the Peace Education which is used in her training course today. So is Montessori an education for World Peace? Susan Stephenson seems to think so. I went to Montessori school from ages 6-8 and again in 5th grade. I also was influenced by Montessori in my early childhood years in a Universal Church: I am 99.9% for peace, so maybe.

Whether, you have spiritual, peaceful, academic or creative ambitions for your child, Montessori addresses all of them. I am inspired by this and God Willing can continue on in my pursuits for a Montessori based curriculum.

AsSalaamu Alaikum. May Peace Be Upon You.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kool-aid Playdough

Ok, I was going to make Mama Jenn's Kool-aid Playdough., but then I found Chasing Supermom's Playdough recipe and I knew this was the one. The reason being, simple: it does not require Cream of Tarter and it looked good. I was right! It was super good and super fun! So, of course, you can get the recipe from following the link. However, here is the update on how Lil A did.

First she added 1 cup of water.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lil A is a Ballerina

I always knew B would have to be for Ballerina. If you have spent any time, I mean any time at all with Lil A you know she loves Ballet more than anything. Everyone at Big A, S Man, and Z Man's baseball/softball games know it, our neighbors know it, every little girl she meets at the park knows it, and we are reminded everyday that she is the Prima Ballerina in this house. She has never taken a lesson, but she talks about having ballet classes on a regular basis. She twirls, she spins, she leaps, she poses. I am not sure of all the technical names for ballet, it has been a long time since I have taken a class and Big A was a gymnast. I don't even know where this love began, but I do know it is there and it is as strong as Z Man's love for Baseball & Math; Big A's love for Gymnastic & Reading; and S Man's love for Statistics, History, & Geography. Don't forget to watch her video at the end of this post!

Invent, Design, Create #2

Invent, Design, Create is time set aside for my Beloveds to do or make anything that they want. Although, some of them are natural Engineers and create things in their free times. This is more of chance for me to document their ingenuity.

B is for Balloon:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Downside of Raising a Tree Hugger

Lil A must of cried for 20 minutes straight after coming home to see our beloved Fall Tree cut down. She kept saying, "they killed our tree" She also said, "We are going to die because we are not going to have oxygen". Followed by "but what am I going to climb now?" Mind you, that there are other similar trees to still climb, but due to the location this was her favorite.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Invent, Design, Create #1

Invent, Design, Create is time set aside for my Beloveds to do or make anything that they want. Although, some of them are natural Engineers and create things in their free times. This is more of chance for me to document their ingenuity.

Using Polydron Frameworks:
Great Job, Z Man! Looks like you made a fun spinning top!

Multiplication Preppy

Z Man got dressed for school today in a uniform like they wear in Prep School. All he needed was a sweater, lol. Here he is practicing multiplication using our Circle and Star Multiplication.

Worksheet can be downloaded here: Circle & Stars- Multiplication Practice

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