Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When in Athens. . .

When in Athens, TN. . . Do as the Athens, TN folks do.

And they do Mayfield ice cream: locals fill up the rocking chairs in front of the shop seemingly all day eating the many different flavors of ice cream. I am not big on ice cream that has more ingredients than the 5 my beloved Haagen Dazs has, which are cream, milk, sugar, egg & vanilla. Mayfield ice cream not only has a ton more ingredients, it has a few that I purposely try to avoid like High Fructose Corn Syrup, Carrageenan, Mono & Diglycerides, and Food coloring . Although, when in Rome, I try not to restrict our Beloveds too much. Big A, however, could tell the difference, after finishing her Caramel Sundae, she said the ice cream is just not as good as the kind we get.

C is for Cow

Before we made it to the Mayfield factory, we saw some cows near the road outside of the fence. I stopped the car so we could take a better look. I wanted to get my Beloveds out of the car to take some pictures, but the Sheriff was there with his sirens trying to scare the cows away from the road and back down the hill. Therefore pictures with the mechanically milking cow at the Mayfield factory will just have to do.

We took the free tour which started off with a movie about how Mayfield started as a family farm selling milk in 1910, last year they celebrated their 100th anniversary. Then we toured the packaging plant to see how the milk jugs are made and stored. Then we saw the machines that fill the milk jugs and put the caps on them, the boys seemed really interested in this part. Although, we are not Mayfield consumers, I really can appreciate them opening the factory for hourly tours. It was great way to spend a fall afternoon learning about Milk production, passing the time while Humble dad worked.

After we toured, colored, and played at Mayfield, we headed to the local Library to work on some Homeschool worksheets. The library is surrounded by Wetlands, so we took a walk and read the information posted about the area. It was a beautiful set up, butterflies flying around the wildflowers that weren't quite dead, beautiful limestone rocks enhancing the path and a lovely little bridge to cross a we exited the area.

When we finally made it to the library, it was just as wonderful as the rest of Athens, TN. A piece of Architecture that fits in with the environment, but provides wonder for the eyes. I am not sure if my Beloveds picked up on all that, but I have loved Architecture since Junior High School when at once I claimed I would be an Architect. Well no, I am not an architect, but I definitely appreciate their work!

As we were leaving Athens, we finally got the photo op with the cows!

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