Sunday, November 27, 2011

We are the Ship

"We are the Ship" by Kadir Nelson was another gem I picked up from the library, this time in audio form.

How fair is it that most of us schlubs can't drawn more than a stick figure or write more than a tortured haiku while you proceed to write AND illustrate what I'm going to have to call one of the greatest children's books of 2008? Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know how he has done it, but illustrator and first-time author Kadir Nelson brings us a baseball book that will make fans out the least sports-enthused children out there. Lush pictures, great text, and startling facts bring the story of Negro League baseball to life like never before.
From an Amazon Review, I couldn't write a better review so I shared his. The story was already great but listening to the wonderful voice of   makes it greater. Although, the paintings are on cd are included in the audio version, I picked up the book to view these magnificent paintings. All of my Beloveds listened to the book, however, I will say there are some things expressed that you may want to review before you allow your child to listen.

I fell in love with We are the Ship and the stories of the players, we purchased the Negro League Baseball Cards for our timeline.

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