Monday, November 14, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal #1

I am not sure if I will keep up with this, or even if I will link it to the Homeschool Chick's Link Party. I just really wanted to, kind of, do this for myself, because this week was so eventful, I needed to write it down in one place.

In My Life This Week ~
I celebrated Eid on Sunday, my 13th Anniversary on Monday, drove to Athens, TN and visited a Mayfield Dairy Factory on Tuesday. On Wednesday we started our popsicle bridges and on Thursday I came down with a flu virus. Friday, I had major chills and a high fever that kept me in bed. Saturday, my chills were less frequent, but I still stayed in bed. Sunday, I am feeling much better, good enough to help my wonderful husband clean what Fly Lady dubs "The Hot Spot" which took a total of 6 hours, but YEAH everything is all organized and put away.

In My Homeschool This Week~
I officially gave my resignation.
"What?!, you haven't worked since you were 24 years old, Humble Mom."
 Umm, yeeesssss I do work, everyday-24 hours of the day at home to my family. So this is why I gave my resignation to K12, I no longer wanted to work as a Public School Teacher & Administrator at home for $0.00/8hr day. This means I dis-enrolled the only child I registered with K12, Z Man, we tried it, it didn't fit our family and we are moving on.

I Am Inspired By ~ 
All of the creative, wonderful, beautifully spirited women that homeschool their children. I am learning so much, and it motivates me to keep going.

Places We Are Going & People We Are Seeing~
Last week we went out of town with Humble Dad. This week Humble Dad will take a sick day so that I can see a doctor about a referral. I have been avoiding it, plus it wouldn't hurt for them to check out the cough I still have. Also, both Z Man and S Man will see doctors this week.

My Favorite Thing This Week Was~
The waiter at the restaurant, Sanbuca brought us out a surprise dessert that read "Happy Anniversary" in Chocolate (picture at the bottom).

What's Working/Not Working For Us~
Our schedule hasn't been working for us, way to inconsistent and unstructured. So I made these daily to do list, laminated them and added a wet erase marker so my Beloveds can check things off. I am really excited about it, God Willing, it will work out nicely!

Questions, Thoughts I Have~
Perplexed at what to give my son that turns 18 years old tomorrow for his birthday.

Things I'm Working On~
Yeah! Some Accountability, I soooo need this category. Maybe now, I can complete these things ; )
*Seerah Timeline
*ABC of the Quran Chart (a new one, after I lost old)
*Children of the World
*Ancient History Timeline
*Food Pyramid Chart
*Lil A's Ballerina Puppet
*Book of Elements & Element Manipulative
*Getting my Beloveds Curriculum online

I'm Reading~
"Don't Be Sad" by ibn Abdullah al Qarni for the Book Club.

I'm Cooking~
What's that? Humble Dad has taken over that duty the last couple of days while I've been in bed, but I think some Chicken soup should be the plan for tomorrow.

I Am Grateful For~
My dear husband who has been absolutely wonderful this week, from Anniversary to sickness (for sickness and in health, to death do we part) My awesome Big A, who asked if we are homeschooling tomorrow because although Eid Break was fun, she is tired of playing. She says "No one should have too much play and too much work, there should be a balance" (She has her dad's genes)

I'm Praying For~
*my returned health, I can't take care of others, until I can take care of myself
*a place where I feel at home: spiritually, socially, economically, environmentally
*my Beloved Humble Dad that he is home more with increased income
*my Beloved Children, that they grow into Spiritually/Emotionally/Mentally Righteous adults that contribute positively to the World. May God protect them and their offspring. Ameen & Amen.
*people who have lost their jobs, their homes, their will in this economic crisis, and the people who never had any of this before the economic crisis
*all the people in countries affected by drought and starvation
*God's Will Be Done (Thanks Aunt L)

Photo(s), Video, Link, or Quote to Share~
I had neither phone or camera on my anniversary night, but Humble Dad has his phone and took this picture with it.

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