Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eid in Nashville

We haven't celebrated Eid in Nashville since we moved here in 2009. We had a good time at those Eids, but it wasn't what we were used to in California where Eids were done big with huge barbque, jumpers and gifts. We didn't know what to expect, but we ended up having alot of fun! After the prayer, our local Masjid had small jumpers which kept Lil A very busy. They did have some food, that we didn't eat, but it was very nice that they had something. We were able to catch up with friends from football and homeschooling that we had not seen in awhile. However, the best part which Big A and Z Man will agree with was the limousine rides. They got to feel like Royalty being chauffeured around town. Big A even had the princess wave down. The feedback of smiles and waves from onlookers was exciting for the kids. Even the toughest anti-shariah conservative can't resist the smiles of beautiful Muslim kids having fun on their holiday!

B is for Balloon

Lil A loves her skirt, she was spinning all day

My view of the Eid khutbah on screen.

Lil A's view of me, yes! she is the photographer.

My view of Lil A, she looks so much like Big A did.

Preteen Muslimas  including Big A getting ready for the Limo

Having too much fun!

They think they are hot stuff in the Limo, too cute!

Z Man and the little kids were wowed by the floor that changed colors.

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