Thursday, October 20, 2011

Playing in Chattanooga

One thing I love about homeschooling is the flexibility we have in traveling with Humble Dad. Although, we don't travel as often as we would like due to sports and other commitments, when we do go, we always have a blast! Humble dad misses us tremendously while working away and always appreciates it when we stay with him in his hotel room.
Lounging Poolside in Oversized Chair

. . .well, not always because our Blessings and I usually arrive at his hotel in the evening after driving 2-3 hours to get to his location. So all of our Blessings are wound up full of energy, ready to jump on a bouncy Double Tree, Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden or Embassy Suites bed (usually it's Hampton Inn). Of course, someone always complains at least once during our stays. Breakfast is always a hassle, either getting the Blessings down to the breakfast floor before breakfast ends or because they never give us enough of those breakfast coupons. $8/buffet each child every morning is not in the budget, especially when we can't eat the (non-halal, usually pork) meat. That's not even to mention the cramp living space, or the fact that S man always insist on "boy bed" & "girl bed" which means Humble Dad gets sandwiched between the boys if he's lucky on a Queen bed, but it very well could be a double. So yeah, visiting Humble Dad is not a piece of cake for neither of us, but we do it because our Blessings and I need and want to spend time with Humble Dad and Humble Dad needs and wants to spend time with us (more than just the weekends, when he comes home). We used to try to visit him one week a month, but we haven't lately. This week with him was refreshing.
Shaykh Z Man

I LOVE CHATTANOOGA! It really is my sort of town. Walking and biking is encouraged, but if you are physically unable to, you can stay green by riding one of their free electric shuttle. Food is great, we had some strawberry cupcakes at Chattanooga Cupcakes this last time, can you say "yummy"? However, the best part of Chattanooga is it is so kid friendly! Of course, everyone goes to the Lookout Mountain and Aquarium (we had a family membership) but this time we found something that was much better than any museum and it is completely Free: a Hill.
Yes, this hill, according to my Blessings was the best attraction in Chattanooga, as you see why:
God provides the Hill
The City provides the recycled cardboard.
and you provide the thrills. . .

and smiles . . .
and adventurous spirit!

Don't forget the perseverance
. . . to get around all obstacles keeping you from enjoying life.

and Be Grateful! Alhumdulilah!

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  1. I do love it when you visit. I want to do the hill also! Maybe when it snows we can try it with a sled.


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