Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lavergne, TN Baseball- Fall 2011

We loved playing baseball in the South and hated it at the same time. Lavergne, TN is a working class community, nicely mixed. I didn't see or feel racism, so take those ideas of the South out your mind. Lavergne field had beautiful bright lights and we played ball all night. It was organized, the parents took their turn working the snack bar and announcing the game. Humble Dad spent alot of time announcing and keeping score on their electronic monitor. Two announcement towers hovered over four fields each, and protected the announcers and score keepers from the weather. It was a fully functioning baseball field with alot of wonderful amenities. 

S Man had two wonderful coaches, who loved baseball and pushed the boys to do their best. The hard work paid off and their team made it to the championship. This was Fall ball and they took the season seriously, it wasn't just a time to prep the team for Spring. Many of the players who played in the Fall also played on the Travel team in the Spring, they were allowed to do both and the good players were encouraged to do both.

Z Man on the other hand did not have nice coaches and we had problems the whole season with religious prejudice. One, the coaches would never learn to say his name properly. Two, the wives who helped out in the batting cages were petty and gossipy and would talk about the kids to one another in front of the parents. This was a coach pitch league and sometimes the coach would deliver good balls and many times he wouldn't. The coaching was not consistent and confused the players and some of the players were also mean. Z Man also tried out for the 7u Travel team and that coach also had some religious issues, so we wondering if that was the reason he did not get picked. Since Z Man is the one most interested in baseball, it was discouraging that he had such a bad season. We really had to give him alot of moral support, no kid this young should ever feel bad about the color of his skin or the religion he practices. But one good thing about the South is if Blacks and Whites were able to learn to live together in mixed neighborhoods better than the what I have seen in the North, East, & West that are liberal but very segregated, then there is hope for Muslims and Christians in the South as well.

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