Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A is for Ant

We are doing mini unit studies going through the alphabet for our ABC of the Quran adventure. Our first letter A is represented by Apple, Africa, Lil A, Airplane, & the Quran A is for Ant which tells the story of the gift God gave Prophet Sulaiman (Solomon): the ability to speak the language of the animals.

Each letter will follow a basic format for Lil A's learning that will include the five senses. The visual and touching exercises will include:
ABC of Quran Letter Cards
Drawing Letters in the Sand
Build Playdough Letters
Build Letters using our free printable
Use COAH Letter Collage Sheets
Bingo Dot Markers Letter formation
Build Letter words using our free printable
Wet Erase Marker Practice from 1+1=1

Our hearing activities will include books, books, and more books. We will also use an internet base Sound recording to hear the sounds each word makes. Various Taste & Smell activities will also be included and possibly a Field study that begins with the letter.
Ants= Traders Joes Chocolate covered Raisins
Ant Hills= Blue Bell Ice Cream

ABC of the Quran- Letter A
Using the book to help model our ant hill.
Added the ants- Bon Appetit!
Gluing ants to a log.
Using Ants on log with 1+1=1 Number Cards

Observing Ants in their natural habitat

Montessori 3 part card by ABCTeach w/ folder

Observing Ants using $1 Ant farm

Ant Puppet show

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