Monday, September 5, 2011

Gullah Island - Learning & Fun

We took a trip to the real Gullah, Gullah Island for our Eid Vacation. The Gullah or Geechee people are believed to have been slaves from Sierra Leone and Angola, Africa whom extend from North Carolina down to Florida. The Gullah language is still spoken in the Low Country of South Carolina, the islands that we visited include St Helena, Beaufort, Hunting Island & Hilton Head. My Beloveds ran races with a family who were Gullah, and let me tell you I thought my children were fast, but they couldn't keep up with a particular Gullah boy. They are a beautiful and strong people who were able to hold on to much of their culture through language and customs. Not only in their valuable coastal lands, but in local cities like Charleston and Savannah. Some sources say that Gullah people who migrated to Harlem and Queens, NY still have strong customs, speak Gullah language and still come back down to the Low Country to spend summer vacation and retire. National Park Service put out an interesting study.

A is for Africa
We used a website to plan our trip whose slogan is "Gullah. . . More than History. . .It's a Lifestyle". This moved me on so many levels. One, it's the only African-American community in the US that can really claim that they have a pretty intact culture that came from Africa. Two, it's what Islam is to me and what all cultures could and should be to others: a lifestyle. Not something you just study in February, not something you just follow on Fridays or Saturdays or Sundays, and definitely not something you just pick up 1 day a year. A lifestyle that doesn't change, no matter where you are or who you are around, that follows the traditions of your forefathers. I Love It! . . . and we loved our vacation! Thank you Humble Dad.

Our view from our Room

Every lady should have sand in their toes and a tutu on their bottom.

Fire in the wallet, great trick!

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