Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Homeschooling Friends- Days on the Farm

The inseparable Tots in a trunk
There are two Homeschooling families in Nashville that we absolutely love to spend time with. One of the families have six children, which means there is at least one friend for each of my four. I love the philosophy of this mother, she grinds her own wheat- need I say more? They don't just talk organic, (the mother and I have spent hours talking ORGANIC), but they also live it: my children helped them plant their garden.

The nicest and best
impersonation of Abe
Big A having a good conversation
with Mary Todd
Although, we outnumber the other family, three of my children are inseparable with their three children. Some places you go for the learning involved, other places you go for the friends involved. . . we were able to get some learning in at the Sam Davis- Days on the Farm. Although, I do not agree with the politics of Sam Davis, anyone can admire his loyalty to his friend. Some people are extremely sensitive to Historical events and I don't blame them. However wrong Slavery was, I think it is still important to remain open minded about individuals and their history. Hey, you might learn something!
The inseparable boys
The most jovial character, he kept a crowd.
Z Man had questions and the Hunter had answers.
The Hunter's copycat - S Man with his fedora. 
I love the expression of the little boy when he changes
his hat and scares them.
Friends helping to take care of a mule.
What's a farm without some Folk Music? . . .
. . . and swingin' your partner do-si-do

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