Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Family Circle Calendar- Ramadhan

Along with the Calendar we use the Dryerasable 100 Grid from Lakeshore,
my children write the date, temp, problem of day, skip counting, math facts, etc.
There are five Homeschool blogs that I visit on a regular basis for printables, ideas, and inspiration. I bet you could guess that at least one of the blogs is Montessori (update: my new favorite Montessori blog) and another one would be Islamic. Talibidden Jr. has been around a long time and I still have printables from TJ that I downloaded 9 years ago. May Allah reward her immensely multiplying it ten fold. However, the other 3 are neither Islamic or Montessori, but Secular and Christian. Satori Smiles will make you smile, her pictures are beautiful, her "classroom" areas are amazing, and her learning style is astonishing. She primarily uses a Classical approach inspired by The Well Trained Mind, a book that I have been flexibly following for 8 years. Due to the Secular choice in Curriculum we part ways when it comes to Science, Health, Nature, Art, & Morality and then I run back to TJ or my Christian brethren.

So that leaves the last two Blogs and both of them helped motivate me in finishing this calendar that I have been imagining for awhile. Mama Jenn, she has two sets of twins and they are boys! She does an awesome job bringing Homeschool material to mothers and yes, she may just walk on water too. She's African-American and I can relate to all the different roles she has taken on. May God reward her for all of her hard work. Then there's Delightful Learning and she completes it for me. She has the style and creativeness that I can only aspire too. She follows both Christian and Jewish Traditions, which as a Muslim who would rather tweak Christian Curriculum than Secular to suit our needs, I find simple touches of inspiration from her. Such as how she incorporated Hebrew into her calendar. Like Satori Smiles, her photography is absolutely stunning, but she also has amazing crafting skills. Then the fact that she is Homebirther, Homesteader, & Free Thinkers is just icing on the cake. It is truly my delight to read her blog.

Please check out Mama Jenn's calendar here and Delightful Learning's calendar here.

I would like to also mention Homeschool Creation because my thermometer printable came from her. We have used many of her printables and May God reward her.

I am using Content of Character sold by Kinza Academy
for the Insha'Allah, Good Character will take you a long way.
I wanted to make a Calendar that was reusable until no longer needed. My first thought was to make it out of plywood. Then I thought plywood would not be flexible for a family who likes to move from the table to the floor and from floor to the table. So I went the Melissa and Doug route and put it on a Magnet board. We had our Melissa and Doug calendar for ten years and when the years ended at 2007 we started to write them in with a dry erase marker, lol. It has become Lil A's personal calendar as we have our circle time.
Melissa & Doug- 2007 was the last year
ABC of the Quran
A is for Ant- Look for this Download Soon!!

The colors match the color scheme of the ABC of the Quran chart that I am working on for Lil A. It is FLEXIBLE like us, depending on what we are currently learning or what we need, I can remove and move items easily . I can change the whole layout depending on space & design of our day. The dry erase board can move to the floor or up on our ledge very easily. There is also a Montessori appeal to it, allowing the child to slide brightly pastel colored pieces incorporates both a visual and tactile experience. While the color coded pieces provides a semi- self correcting element.
We use the moons at night.
 I love to listen to people. One thing I heard was the problem Delightful Learning was having with using a dry erase marker on the thermometer everyday. Therefore, I decided to cut out the middle and use the dry erase board for what it is intended: to color, no stained laminate here!

I just started stapling until I came up with a makeshift folder to hold all the supplies. The larger labels fits perfectly in a C5 folder. I really like Mama Jenn's use of rings to keep it organized and together, rings are one of those necessary Homeschool supplies. However, I was more inclined to leaving the pieces loose, this way my children could use it as a manipulative placing all the months or days in week in order for instance.

During Ramadhan, we have been switching the dates out for the moons we sight at night. I also made my own 3 part Moon cards and books to assist in the vocabulary study of waxing, waning, gibbous, etc.
Do you want to know what we do for Family Circle, click here. Enjoy!

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  1. You are so clever! Love how you used the magnetic white board, right down to the thermometer cut out. I learned that vis-a-vis (wet erase markers) work much better and erase more cleanly on laminate ~ but your idea is perfect! :) I am inspired. :) And you are so thoughtful to say what you liked about each blog that inspired you. Thank you for the nice things you said, and for linking to me, :)

    Almost forgot, loved how you include the moon phases! We observe the new moon so I am always keeping track myself, but need to include the kids in on this more. Great job!

  2. LOL, I often catch slack for my "thoughtfulness". It's nice to hear someone appreciate it! Many people want you to fit in their box and only like what they like. I just believe everyone has something positive to share and I REALLY appreciate that you gals share it with others. I have learned so much!

    I just ordered the Vis-a-vis off Amazon, thanks for the tip!

  3. Not only do I love your calendar, but I also loved how you shared about all your go-to blogs. What a wonderful post.

  4. It's nice to hear someone appreciate it! Many people want you to fit in their box and only like what they like.

  5. I LOVE the idea of cutting out the middle of the thermometers!! Those are from my site and series of calendar printables I put together and I wish I would have thought of it. Putting them on a dry erase board is a great idea - thanks for sharing! :)


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