Monday, June 13, 2011

Montessori Tots

I was six years old when I started going to my first Montessori School in Southern California. I went there until age 9. Then in Minneapolis, I went to another Montessori School for 6th grade. I had nothing but good experiences. Let's face it, Montessori has influenced schools all over the world from manipulatives to concentration on developing the Whole Child. I enjoyed Montessori so much that I enrolled in a Montessori course through my local college in Northern California. I put together 4 Primary Albums which included Practical Life, Geography, Biology, & Math for my class.

When Big A was a Tot, I created materials and did Montessori at home with her. She was very advance for her age and was reading at a first grade level at 4 years old. Now Lil A will be 4 this June and she is just beginning to learn her ABC's. Part of the reason is children are very different even within a family. However, the main reason for deciding to delay formally teaching Lil A is due to Big A's eye problem. I read after taking Big A to different eye specialists, that early reading can strain the eyes. Looking at small print before the eyes have matured can impair them. So now we are starting slow and LARGE!
Lil A loves our small apartment,
 it's perfect for her!

Big A & Lil A monkeying around.
Right now we are in a small apartment, although God Willing, we will be in our home by next Fall. Space is limited and we are improvising with Montessori at home. I needed more shelf space than what a traditional book shelf provides. I looked at our shoe rack and thought this was perfect, it had many shelves in a tight compact space for little Tot hands. I will rotate curriculum in & out each week, so that Lil A will be exposed to everything while keeping the items she enjoys for months at a time.
Shelves are narrow and the right size for wall.
Visit Shanon Tot school, for how to make
the color matching.
 One item in the Practical Life area that I created involved using pony beads, chopsticks and colorful silicone baking cups. The object of the game is to match the colors of pony beads with the colors of the baking cups. The pony beads have the perfect size hole for chopsticks to slide into. It is challenging and fun for my 3 year old.
Colorful Asian themed server with Chopsticks.
The hole in the pony beads is perfect for the chopsticks.

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