Monday, August 15, 2011

Importing Our Life Blog

Some of Our Life Blog was created when I started to Homeschool again in the Summer of 2009. Although, as the title says it is mostly about Our Life, I did not want to have separate Blogs out there so I decided to combine them. Keep it simple, right? 2010 was an exciting year and we visited many different places, however that was also the year that I found Facebook. Facebook provides that instant gratification, but it wasn't the best option for long term storage. Pictures are easily retrieved on facebook, however your statuses are not and that is the bulk of your communication. Pictures are just the icing.

There were some cute videos that were also imported into this blog from the old one. I want to go down memory lane and add some of the pictures and memories of 2010, so InshaAllah (God Willing) that will happen after I get settled in the new school routine.

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