Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer 2011- Road Trip

Homeschool Philosophy: Einstein may have never
used flashcards, but he probably built forts.
Lory Hough, Harvard Graduate School
Humble Dad's job had a conference in Chicago, so of course we became his tag-a-long. We hardly ever do things the easy way, I always have to spice it up a little bit. Hey, I like things spicy! So instead of traveling from Nashville to Chicago directly, we went from Nashville to Washington DC to Pittsburgh, PA to Cleveland, OH and finally we made it to Chicago, IL just in time for the week long conference.

Farm time at the Washington Harbour

My Little brother watches over his niece and nephew.

Taking the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh

Climbing the "Point of View" Statue
featuring Native American Leader Guyasuta of the Seneca Tribe
and George Washington during the French & Indian War.

Ohio Baseball

Sassy in Ohio.

Lakefront Promenade

Humble Daddy's Little Girl

Tire playground served as the scene for
our Young Indiana Jones doing the Leap of Faith
and swinging to the cup of the Holy Grail.

Taking a historic walk in the South Side of Chicago

No trip to Chicago is complete without visiting an Islamic Bookstore

My flexible Big A having fun on a Chicago beach.

I felt like the Jefferson's "Moving on up!" on the 33rd floor
of the Hyatt Regency overlooking the Riverwalk.

This building has never been owned by a Muslim, yet,
it has Medinah and Allah and other Quran on it.

Chicago has the Best Children's Museum!

We used our free Reading Six Flags Tickets in Chicago

Humble Daddy isn't so humble when it comes to races.

Praying at Sixflags

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