Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seekers Guidance Retreat 2010

We went to this wonderful Retreat in the majestic Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee.

I lost all my pictures from this retreat, so I am borrowing some of my friends. One of my really good friends who was there when S Man was born flew out from California. A couple of friends drove up from Atlanta, Georgia. We met new friends. The Knoxville Muslim community has so much NOOR: light filled with the most beautiful people. Shaykh Faraz Rabbani from Toronto, ON and his wife, Shaykh Yahyah Rhodus from California, Shaykh Omar Qureshi from Chicago, our friend Muhammad Mendez from Atlanta were all very magnificent. Nader Khan came with the best Nasheeds! It was one of the best summers of our lives. . .

After we left the beautiful Retreat, we went to New York, what a change in vibrations. I don't have any pictures from that trip either, but one of our cousins drove from California to New York with our aunt and these were some of her pictures.

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