Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nashville Zoo

Not all zoos are created equal, but every zoo has a specialty. Nashville zoo is no exception, the reptile and aquarium building at the Nashville zoo is very nice. However, this zoo's unique feature is their wooden play structure.

I love memberships and we use the reciprocal membership benefit so much, I start to feel bad after while. Although, we have never been to the San Diego or Bronx zoo, you know the famous ones... we have been to over 20 different zoos all on 5 different zoo memberships. We have had a membership for the Happy Hollow zoo in San Jose, CA, Atlanta zoo, Birmingham zoo, Tyler, TX zoo, and now the Nashville zoo. However we have been to the Seattle zoo; Vancouver Aquarium, British Columbia; Tampa, Florida zoo; Louisville, Kentucky zoo to name a few... most for free with our membership card. My kids never get tired of the zoo, they love animals...but most zoos have much more than animals, some like the Tampa zoo have water parks and roller coasters.

To my amazement, a week ago, I received a very cool gift: the FLIP from a very special lady, Aunt S. So, not only will you not have to view blurry pictures, I get to make quality HD videos of my family. Here's my first attempt:


  1. Kamilah!! I LOVE this blog, thank you so much for all of the beautiful pictures! Tell your family I say hello!!

  2. ASA, Looks like ya'll had a great time... brings back memories of me and the kids at the zoo.
    See you.

  3. This is so great to watch this wonderful video, thanks for posting. Kathleen and I went to the San Diego Zoo last week and we had a great time. It made me sad to realize it had been many years since I had taken any of the kids to the zoo! So make sure you take your kids A LOT! Love Aunt Sharon


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