Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nashville: Child Friendly

Our first impression of Nashville, is it reminds us of home in many ways, especially the natural beauty. Driving through the mountainous terrains of Tennessee is similar to the drives we took to Tahoe and the forests in TN are similar to Yosemite and other National Forests in CA. The drive we have taken many times from Memphis to Nashville and Nashville to Chattanooga is majestic, waterfalls trickle down the cliffs along the highway.
However, there are dissimilarities also. Nashville is truly a child friendly city, with well equipped community centers, libraries, and parks in every neighborhood, in fact some of the best are in lower income neighborhoods. Many of the community centers have public indoor pools and walking tracks. Some hold free or low cost art classes, ballet classes, while most all of them have sports leagues.

Our favorite, "free" event is held at the main downtown library every week. The pictures below does not do this theatre justice. It is the most beautiful children's library theatre I have ever seen. The children on stage show the diversity: Look for Z Man and Lil A in the middle.
Every week this library holds 6 storytime shows with puppets. It also has a new marionette show every month that runs on weekends. The marionette shows have been running for more than 60 years with 350 marionettes in their collection.
Lil A is in the Library's Art Room making ART!

Z Man is very protective of his sister, ahh the love!

Here are some more pictures of this Grand Library from other people. It really is worth a visit if you are visiting Nashville.

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