Friday, June 26, 2009

Diamond Mining in Arkansas

We were in Idabel, Oklahoma for three weeks accompanying Humble Dad while he's working hard. Oklohoma is where most of the remaining Native Americans live and when you enter the state, their presence is immediately felt. We loved going to the store, for a walk, to a restaurant and seeing Native Americans everywhere.
While in Oklahoma, we went to the Museum of the Red River and saw some nice artifacts. Then we took an hour road trip into to Arkansas, which was another cultural lesson. At many of the stores and on the roads in that part of Arkansas were Amish people. We started homeschooling this summer and everywhere we went, we found something to study. In Arkansas, we were headed for the Craters of Diamond State Park, the only public place to search for diamonds. It was smoldering HOT outside! But, they were well prepared with an attached water park.

We also went to a Native American Mound and the following picture were taken in the museum and store, the last three were at the Diamond Mine.

Water park Image belongs to the Diamond Park

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