Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Creative Arts

Use the Blog Link to read about how we used the printable, then download the file. Always abide by this TERM OF USE: Please download these printables for free, all that I ask is that you do not reproduce, sale, host or store them on any other website or electronic retrieval system. Please share them with others, however always link back to this page. NEVER share or link to the google documents site. 

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Although much of my Blog is Creative Arts, everything I do, I do with creativity. These are the links to the specific arts and crafts.

Element of Art
Download: Types of Lines
Blog: Line Types
Blog: Color Wheel
Blog: Warm/Cool Colors

Invent, Design, Create
Blog: # 1 Polydron
Blog: #2 Balloon


Blog: Butterfly Printing
Blog: Apple Painting & Apple Tree

Blog: Allah in Africa


Practical Crafts
Blog: I'm Fasting Tshirts
Blog: Button Flowers
Blog: Boats
Blog: Ramadhan Calendars
Blog: Ramadhan Games

Paper Crafts
Blog: Ballerina Puppet
Blog: Costa Rica Ox Cart
Blog: Board Games

Blog: Puppet Theater & Puppets

Blog: Paper Dolls 

Modeling Crafts
Blog: Playdough
Blog: Twist Tie Men 

Blog: Playdough & Glitter

Architecture & Building
Blog: Gingerbread Masjids
Blog: Bridges
Blog: Color Tiles

Blog: Legos
Blog: Pattern Design

Blog: Panama Mosaic


Blog: Winter Boogie by S Man 

Blog: Ballet Recital

Blog: Finally Beginning Ballet
Blog: Lil A is a Ballerina

Great Creative Art Resources

Awesome Artist
Teach Kids Art
Handmade Beginnings
A Crafty Arab

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