Monday, August 9, 2004

Beach Baby- An Unassisted Birth Story

Malibu, CALIFORNIA 2004
I Believe that most every woman(disease exception) was created by God in a perfect manner and has everything within them to birth naturally with minimal pain. However, in unnatural situations such as being extremely fearful and stressed, using drugs to conceive, being in an unnatural environment will of course give you unnatural results or complications. Woman that walk regulary, eat Wholistically, uses Prayer and Meditation regularly should be able to have a baby by themselves, their body is equipped by our Creator to do the work. Most of the complications stems from our minds and it is just about reprogramming it. The Blessed Virgin Mary had a tree and her Faith in God to birth the Blessed Isa (Jesus). This woman is one of the best of examples.
Below is my birth story written 24 hours after the birth of Z Man.

I had this reoccurring dream throughout my pregnancy of becoming a beach bum in Hawaii. Finances wouldn't afford me that "Vacation". My husband had taken time off for the arrival of this baby and the doctor’s due date had come and gone. So what to do with this free time, the sensible person would have been nesting and preparing the nursery or something. However, under this seemingly sensible exterior, I have HIPPIE written all over my heart in lime green. So we decided to head down the coast of California and visit some of my favorite beaches. From Carmel to Santa Barbara to San Diego, and especially the beach I spent many days of my childhood at: Malibu. We brought all our birthing supplies, just in case, this baby decided to be a beach baby.

Big A & Humble Dad
S Man
Not quite a beach baby, but close. He was born in my friend’s house near Huntington Beach. I had Braxton Hicks contractions all weekend while soaking up the sun and swimming the waves. My last night of being pregnant was spent camping out on Huntington Beach with a bonfire, “so relaxing!”

He was born a little after 1 am, Monday August 9, 2004. The labor was incredible! We had finally made it to my friends house and I was no longer having Braxton Hicks, but real contractions. All of her kids and my kids were awake so I tell my husband "Let's go shopping to get out of the house, now!" So we head to Walmart at 10:30 pm and I am having contractions that I could walk and shop through. I get all the last minute things I wanted, like laundry detergent, wash cloths, and buckets. We drive back to my friend’s house at about 11:30 pm and I felt really tired. I laid down on her futon and had contractions that were far enough apart that I would sleep in between them or even sleep through them. I woke up an hour later (12:30 pm) with harder contractions thinking this was the beginning of active labor, not really expecting it to be almost over.

Humble Dad cutting the umbilical cord.
I had my husband run my bath water. Through my contractions on the futon and in the bath tub, I would visualize the beach. On the futon this visualization came naturally as soon as I closed my eyes. In the bath I had to try hard to maintain the visualization, thinking about each contraction as riding the wave. In the bath I was starting to loose my cool. You would've thought that with three previous babies that I should have known when you feel like you can't take it anymore it is time to push the baby out.  However, I was still thinking I was at the beginning of active labor.  I stayed seated in the tub longer than I needed to because as soon as I stood up, I felt the urge to push. He slid right out into my husband’s hand just like his brother did, two years previously. 

Z Man
He came into this world at 1:06 am. My friend kept herself busy by washing blankets and towels and boiling water, she never entered our space until after the baby was born. He’s beautiful, healthy, about 8lbs and 21 inches long. He nurses great and is so calm, he slept most of the way back to the Bay Area. I am happy to bring him home tonight. We haven’t officially given him a name yet. But in my heart, he is my Beach baby.

Family visiting when we return to the Bay Area
Big A, S Man, & Baby Z Man
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